Three Thing Friday

1. Black Friday – Well, here we are with another Black Friday sales day that I did not partake of. That’s right, I missed out on all of the sales through total lack of trying. That is not to say that I didn’t go to any stores today. I went to the local game store, PetSmart, and BJs. I got my normal Friday off shopping done and managed to avoid all of the crazies out there.

It’s not that I do not appreciate the sales, it’s that I would rather not interact with people. Especially people who have been up since pre-dawn, are cranky, and are willing to fight for that sale.

Screw that, I’ll stay home.

2. Star Wars – So, two movie trailers released this week are of great interest to me. And no, not one of them was the next Godzilla film; these were Jurassic World and Star Wars. While Jurassic Park.. I mean Jurassic World is probably a movie I will see in the theater, Star Wars is I film I am actually excited about. You have a new production company, a new writer, and a new Director, and that director did a very good job with Star Trek. I can only hope that he does just as well with Episode Seven. Oh, and make sure you see the international trailer; it is different from the “national” version.

3. Rt. 70 – Yesterday I made the long drive to go visit my parents for turkey day (another day of eating eggplant parm for me). I haven’t been to the town I grew up in since Easter, and so much has changed, and not all for the better. First, my parents finally have a new home to live in. Just under two years since Hurricane Sandy, they finally got a new home to live in. And it is a nice house. It seems smaller than the old one, but the space is better utilized.

However, to get to the house, right now you have to drive a maze of roads. Their street is completely tore up and filled with potholes bigger than the MINI. There are also large sand traps that could easily catch a small car.

One of my favorite places to eat, Stewart’s, is not a 7-Eleven. Central Ave, which used to be a 6 lane “highway” (or 4 lanes depending on where you are) is currently two lanes, which takes some getting used to. The J Street light is just gone.

It was a lot of changes that I have to get used to.

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