Three Things Friday

1. Not Blogging – I have to say, taking a week off of blogging was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I spent the last week posting one or two blogs on the gaming site, and just considering what I would blog on this site. We passed Election Day, another weekend, a long week at work, the Bengals forgetting that they play in the NFL. There was a lot of complaining that I passed up on. I am still not picking up the ball and running with it, but another Three Thing Friday should be an easy blog to post before I drop off the blogging world again.

Of course, I still read blogs. I haven’t actually fallen off the edge of the Earth; I am having a hard time finding it. Plus that stupid gravity seems to want me to remain where I am. It must be some sort of magic, it can’t possibly be science…

2. Forced Voting – Since we have passed Election Day, I thought I would make a short comment. Australia fines people for not going out to vote. That’s right, if you do not use your right to vote, you get fined. At first, I was against that idea being moved over here to the states. But the more I thought about it, the more my thoughts about this have changed.

I was originally against it because it bothers me when uninformed voters vote. I am not saying I have issues with people who disagree with me. I mean I do, but in different ways. I have issues with people who vote, but do it in an uninformed way. But apparently there will be some good side effects to forced voting. Apparently in Australia, the average voter actually cares about whom they have to vote for. They actually try to become informed voters. Second, they have approximately a 90% turnout for their elections. That is far ahead of the 40% to 50% we get here in the greatest democratic nation in the world.

Finally, apparently the politicians actually care about the swing voters in Australia. It seems, from some articles I have read (though I cannot vouch for their accuracy), that the politicians actually work for the swing votes rather than the corporate vote. I am sure they work for that as well, but when you have 90% of the population voting, you want those swing votes.

Maybe in this country a fine wouldn’t work. But there are other options; we could give a tax break to those who votes. The republicans would love that; it is a tax break after all. However, the republicans (and the democrats) don’t actually want the swing voters to vote. That may actually swing the votes and show them what the people really want. We cannot have that.

3. Not that big of a deal – This week I caught a YouTube video of a baby seal in Guadeloupe. Having been diving there a couple of times myself, the video did bring back some great memories. But the big deal was that this seal entered a cage to avoid being eaten by a large shark. Except, I am not sure that the seal was ever in any real danger. The waters are so clear there that the big sharks cannot sneak up on the seals. Yes, this shark was close, but it was going after a tuna head more than a baby seal.

I did enjoy the video. And yes, the seal may have been in some minor danger, but it didn’t really seem that the shark was all that threatening.

Of course, since I want to swim out and hug a great white, maybe I am not the best judge of what is or is not a threat.

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