Three Thing Friday

1. Halloween – It’s that time of year again. It is time for little kids to learn that you can dress up once a year and be rewarded, regardless of behavior. At least around Christmas the children have to “behave”. I am pretty sure I never did and I still got gifts, but at least there was the threat of punishment.

No, Halloween is the time of year when we teach our children how to beg. Maybe this is a good thing since a percentage of these little annoying punks will probably end up on the street.

Having complained about all of that, it’s not even my biggest complaint. You would think that after a few years of me doing this, feeding these brats candy and sugar (at least I don’t have to deal with the kids after their sugar intake), that I would learn to buy candy I hate. No, I go out and purchase candy I like, even when it makes me sick. So sadly, the first round of candy was consumed in this house, not buy the children it was intended for. The second round is being reserved for the doorbell ringers. If it even lasts that long.

2. Dressing Rooms – I remember as a kid, when my mother would drag me out to go clothes shopping, I would hate to try clothes on. I absolutely hated it. Granted, as I got older I understood why I had to try on clothes. Who would want to return to the store the next day just to return things you recently bought? I don’t even like going to the store at all, why would I want to return the next day? So, yesterday I ran out to get a new pair of jeans, grabbed the size I thought would fit, and ran home. That’s right, again I didn’t try them on. I still hate dressing rooms. But at least now I am not growing any more. I am pretty sure that I peaked at the height of 5 foot nothing, and if anything I will start to shrink in the next few years. And guess what, they fit fine.

Yes, I realize that I should be concerned about my waist size. I realize that the new clothes may not fit exactly. But hey, I haven’t gained much weight in the last few years, so I am probably able to buy clothes that it pretty close to fitting perfectly.

Now, I just need to keep in the slightly overweight shape that I am in. And because I am a cheap bastard, I hope I don’t lose to0 much weight where I have to buy a new wardrobe. And the same goes for gaining weight.

3. Taking a break – You may have noticed that I have really cut back on my blogging. While I will probably at least continue to blog my “Three Thing Friday” blogs, I will probably be cutting back even more on how often I post. And this may continue for the next few weeks. I need to work on some things in my personal life, and I just feel like blogging isn’t helping at all. Sure, I can continue to cover the weird ass dreams I am still having. I can continue to complain about CECOM, the Pyrite Standard. I can continue to talk about nothing, which I am really good at. But I feel that a break is needed.

I know fellow bloggers who have been doing this for years, and can still make a new post nearly every day. I just don’t have the enthusiasm that I used to. And that missing enthusiasm isn’t just missing in this part of my life. My gaming, my working out (which I haven’t done all year), my reading, and even my diving… I just don’t have the drive I used to.

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