Nobody Gets It

Nobody Gets It.

I seem to make a lot of references that no one else gets. And once you have to take the time to explain the reference to someone, it looses something. Actually, it looses everything in translation. Some of the references I make, some people get, but not all, not even most.

For example, sometimes when I am asked a question, I quickly answer “42” regardless of the question. This answer does get a few chuckles on occasion, but not every gets the reference. Most people don’t get it. And when I have to take the time to explain that it is from “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,” a series of books I didn’t even like all that much, I feel that I shouldn’t even put in the effort. And yet, I continue to make that reference.

Another example I can make is from yesterday. I made a reference to the old BBC show “The Prisoner”. And this time, even fewer people got the reference. Actually, no one got the reference. I will grant that in this case, it is a much more obscure reference, but still!

Maybe this says more about me than everyone else… what am I saying? Of course it says more about me. I watch and enjoy the obscure shows so I will be the one making the obscure references. I just have to remember that most people won’t get them.

But “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?” Really? No one?

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