Weird Dreams the Third

Since I have gotten back to land after 5 days at sea, I have been plagued by some serious and seriously vivid dreams. And I cannot say how weird they have been; I just cannot find the words to describe them accurately.

The first one of these dreams that comes to mind is the dream where I had a meeting at the White House with the president, and not just any president, President Bartlet. That’s correct, I had a meeting with the president from a fictional TV series. I am not even going to go into the fact that I would never have a meeting with the president, or his staff… or even one of his secretaries. I am not that important. The White House also seems strange. It wasn’t really like the White House from the series. And none of the other characters from the show was there. Just President Bartlet.

Another weird dream was the one I had last night. I really can’t explain this one either. It involved a military base (and not one I have ever been at) and a former roommate from college. For some reason he wanted to get me to go to one of his band concerts, and apparently was having low turnout since I was listing people who couldn’t go. And of course, I didn’t want to go either. In the middle of him talking to me, trying to get me to go, I broke into the military base through a broken fence. Well, it was a fence that I broke very easily, and I am not even sure I did it on purpose. The reason I say that is because after I broke the fence, I took the time to try and fix it. I woke up before anything else really happened. At least that is how I remember it.

These are just two examples of the vivid dreams I have been having the last few days. Now, I could take the time to figure out what, if any, meaning there is behind these dreams. Most seem to involve a meeting of some sort, and usually meetings that I usually wouldn’t be having.

Or, I could try to enjoy them for what they are. Vivid dreams that are a little weird and a little enjoyable. And maybe, I could just look forward to the next one, which will probably occur tonight.

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