Now that the trip is so close, it is time for me to prepare. One of the few things I learned from my ex-wife is to make a list. Currently on the list are the days of travel. That is it. Nothing else.

But what have I gotten done? Let’s see. I bought travel sized bathroom items, so those are off the list. I bought a new dress jacket. I looked for and found my passport, by goggles, and a shirt I use for diving. Finally, I am doing some laundry. It’s been a productive few days for me.

Now, none of this is actually packed. That is going to happen throughout the week. The cat sitter (my mom) will be here the day before I leave, so those little guys will be taken care of. I bought plenty of cat food, so that is not a concern.

Well, I guess it’s time to populate the list. Figure out exactly what I need to pack, what else needs to be washed, and if anything needs to be bought.

I guess it is safe to say that I am excited… time to go to see (and hopefully hug) some great white sharks.

I swear it’s safe!

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