Three Thing Friday

1. Climate Survey part… I forget – Well, another week went buy, and we had another briefing/training/meeting on the climate survey results. I will admit that in over ten years of working for the government, they have never briefed the results this many times. But we, the staff, keep getting asked how to fix it the problems that are systemic through the command. And while the same answer has come up time and time again, I do not believe that anything will come from these.

Sure things have changed. I truly believe that the director is trying to be nicer to his staff now. But now that he tries it just feels forced, and honestly, a little creepy. I will give him some credit for trying, but only some. I don’t think that this is a long-term fix. In fact, I am not even sure it is a short-term fix to one of the symptoms of the many problems.

I doubt that anything will come of all of these meetings, but I would love to be proven wrong.

2. The sniffles – Apparently at the start of the week I had a minor cold. I had a sore throat that didn’t bother me all that much. Around Wednesday, I had the sneezes. I sneezed so often that people started counting and lost count around the 25th sneeze. I sneezed so hard that it actually hurt. All of that, I could deal with easily. It’s the stuffed up nose that drive me nuts. I have been clearing it for 3 days now, and I am just tired of it. I feel fine, believe me, I know I sound like crap but I feel fine.

As I get older, recovery time seems to take longer and longer. This cold may have only bothered me for a day or two in the olden days… but no longer.

3. International Travel – One thing about working for the government is that they love to force you to go to briefings. Some of it isn’t all that bad, but others are just silly. One of this week’s briefings wasn’t so bad though. It was the international travel briefing, which covered travel safety by location. Now, while I think it was unnecessary for me to go since I do not plan to set foot on foreign soil, it was a nice reminder that my vacation is getting closer. I don’t need to know about the drug wars going on in Mexico, or about the kidnappings, or even about the gun battles that apparently happen almost daily.

However, if something bad happens, I have to deal with something much worse than drug dealers. I have to deal with great white sharks swimming in waters that have been chummed. Should be fun.

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