Busy, but not as busy

Today was a “hurry up and wait” kind of day. Everything that came in was a fire that had to be immediately taken care of, just so I can wait for the next fire to start. A funding document would come in, I had to rush to get it to the KO, with all of the proper documentation, and then wait again for the next funding document. Of course, these past few weeks my boss has been no help, as everything to him is a fire that had to be taken care of immediately.

Today, as I was leaving for lunch, he received a call and I fled knowing he was going to call me into his office. And I mean fled. I ran away from my cubicle avoiding his calling me into the office. It was lunchtime and I wanted to eat, not work on crap that could be handled later.

And as busy as it is in my office, I cannot imagine what the other offices are going through. Being below 1/3rd strength and the work not slowing up, they have it really rough. At least my team is still at full staff, for now. I do see that changing soon since nearly everyone on my team is looking for a new job, and I know that people on the other teams are doing the same.

At this rate the office will have thee 15’s, three 14’s, maybe two 13’s, no 12’s….

There are too many chiefs and not enough of us Indians. Must be a bitch to justify your position when all of your staff is fleeing like the building is on fire.

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