Just Another Weekend

I actually had a pretty busy weekend. I accompanied some friends to the local renaissance fair where I had my first alcoholic beverage in almost 4 weeks. I was dragged to a wine and painting event where I painted a sunflower that looked a little bit like a great white shark, and I actually got some cleaning done that just isn’t enough. You know what all of this means? I didn’t actually play any warhammer this weekend and I feel a tad lost because of it.


Also, there is something wrong with me. I haven’t enjoyed working on my warhammer models in a long time. I haven’t enjoyed any wine in even longer. Even yesterdays plastic cup of Riesling wasn’t enjoyable at all. That is not to say that it wasn’t good. Actually, it tasted fine. I just didn’t enjoy it. And today’s event where there was plenty of wine to drink, I didn’t have a single glass. I haven’t watched any Doctor Who either. My favorite television show, and I am at least three episodes behind.

At least there are some good things that happened. I didn’t kill the kids that were (and are) screaming outside my windows. I did get to enjoy some fresh air and sun, the first this summer season (great timing, right?). I also bought some pumpkin cream cheese, which looked and sounded much better than it tasted.

Well, it was a good weekend. Time to prepare for a long and hectic week with meetings that will actually prevent me from getting my job done and which will ultimately reduce my morale. At least I won’t be suffering alone.

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