Three Thing Friday

1. Perfectly timed meetings – This was the last full week before year-end. I have paperwork piling up on my desk. I am trying to get projects extended so that the contractor does not stop working. I am trying to get the FY15 projects ready to go so that they can start as soon as the new FY starts, or as close as possible.

So when is the best time to schedule meetings that will keep me away from my desk so I cannot get my job done? That’s right, I lost half of a day this week, and I am losing a full day next week. I get it, not everyone in our office is financial personnel, so not everyone is currently in crunch time (though with how small the rest of the staff is, they are probably always in crunch time). I get that the abysmal morale is a concern of high command. But do you really think having a meeting about morale while I am trying to get my customer’s projects ready was a good plan?

How about we start scheduling these all day meetings after things quiet down.

2. Bombed – Not only are we, the United States, bombing the terrorist group ISIS, many other countries from the Middle East are as well. In fact, a pilot from the United Arab Emirates who led one of the attacks was a woman. A female pilot! Imagine that. So, the UAE had a female pilot bombing an organization who wants to take her rights away. And yet, some of our allies would not even let her drive if she lived in their country. Some of our “enemies” even give women more rights than our “allies”.

But it is nice to see that the local countries are now partaking in the action in the area. It’s nice that we don’t have to go it alone. I’d prefer peace, but I would prefer if we were not the only one’s enforcing it.

3. Screaming Kids – As I sit here typing this, I can hear a kid screaming bloody murder somewhere in my neighborhood. I don’t get kids, nor do I want them. I love having fresh air in the house, so all of my windows are open at the moment. But as I listen to this kid scream, I am seriously contemplating turning on the AC and shutting all of the windows just so I don’t have listen to this poor kid.

I have no idea how my parents dealt with all my crap. I’d kill the kid.

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