Tommy Wilson

I have frequently said that I am a big reader. I own over 400 books and have read all but 13 of them. I usually can be found reading science fiction with some science non-fiction and biographies thrown in there. Right now I am reading a biography on Tommy Wilson, or as most of us would know him, Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the United States.

I firmly believe that every American should read at least one president’s biography. These are 43 of the most important people in the history of this country. People who have been elected to run a country, to run the “free world”. These are people who dictated where this country would head. These are people who whose decisions affected the lives of millions. And sadly, most Americans couldn’t name the first five presidents in the order that they were elected.

Now, I have read 23 presidential biographies, and I haven’t limited myself to a single party. I have read biographies on Democrats, Republicans, and even biographies about presidents from the Whig party. And of all the biographies I have read, I have to admit that President Taft’s biography was my favorite.

As one reads through these biographies, you can learn interesting facts about these great men. Yes, Taft was the fattest president, but he had an amazing sense of humor. Woodrow was named Thomas but decided to go with Woodrow because it sounded more formal and professional. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day, within a couple of hours of each other.

These were great men; every one of them should be appreciated for that fact. So, pick up a book, read about a president, and maybe learn something about a man that ran the United States.

And maybe, pick up a book about a president you didn’t like. You may gain an appreciation for what they did, even if you still do not agree with it.

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