Three Thing Friday

1. Social Beings – I have heard it time and time again that human beings are social animals. I am so tired of hearing this. I would be perfectly happy living in Montana or Alaska, away from people, all to myself. Granted, I would want to be close enough to civilization so I can have indoor plumbing (like the Romans). I would want to live within the vicinity of a shopping center so that I wouldn’t have to grow my own food. And yes, I do enjoy hanging out with my friends, but I am just as happy locked away in my home.

Hell, I am beginning to understand why one of my friends just shaves his head. I had to get a hair cut today, and having to interact with the cutter of my hair made me realize I would have rather not have to get my hair cut by others. I should just shave my head so there would be one less person for me to interact with.

I am not a social being.

2. Vacation Prep – I spent this morning getting some minor preparation done for my up coming trip. Like I said, I got my hair cut, I got my back and neck cracked by my chiropractor, and I bought some things I feel that I will need. Travel shampoo, travel deodorant, travel toothpaste, and Dramamine we some of the items I bought for my upcoming dive with our friends, the sharks. Am I all set? Of course not, but I am slightly closer. Plus, I have three weeks till I leave.

Usually I leave all of my preparation to the last possible minute. If I were leaving on a Friday, I’d buy all the crap I need on that Wednesday and pack on either the Thursday or possibly even that morning. But with this trip, I am trying to get things set weeks in advance. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with great white sharks… well, twice in a lifetime. Ok, this will probably become a ritual every other year… but it is still special.

3. Goodreads – A friend introduced me to the Goodreads app and I am slowly logging in all of my books into it. Now, while I am very competitive about how much I read, that is not why I am doing it. I tend to forget what book I own. I mean, some of these I bought over a decade ago. In fact, while scanning the book in, I realized that I do actually have 2 copies of the same book. One in hardcover and one is paperback. It is really convenient to have all of the book titles I own at my fingertips. With how often I buy books, getting duplicates was bound to happen. Now, at least, I am doing something to reduce the odds of me buying a book I already own.

Now all I have to do is get back to reading like I used to.

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