Pointless Meeting… Wednesday?

The typical waste of an hour on Thursday was promoted this week to a two-hour meeting on Wednesday. It was twice as boring and twice as long as the normal Thursday meeting. I can’t even blame management on this one. The director wanted a different meeting than the one we got. I am not sure his planned meeting was a good idea, but what we ended up with was just another briefing on the climate survey we took months ago. So, for those of you keeping tract, this is now the third time that we had the same material briefed to us.

And survey was bad, and I mean really bad. They can’t even tell you whom we were rating in the survey. The results don’t seem to matter, which is fitting since the results cannot tell you anything of substance. But we have to react to the results and develop a plan to correct the sinking ship of CECOM.

And while we are asked to formulate a plan to correct the many issues, we are asked to do so without the complete set of information. We are not allowed to see the comments that were written into the survey. I will grant that not releasing the comments so that the supervisors cannot take revenge against employees makes some sense. Except, I have already heard rumors that those at the director level were already briefed on those comments. So the possibility of supervisor retaliation is a very reasonable possibility (and so much for anonymity).

I will say this, it sounds like CECOM command is actually worried about the results of the climate survey, but it also sounds like they were surprised by the results and have no clue with how to fix it. They are saying that this was a good survey, which makes them sound even more ridiculous. Any person looking at the data can tell you that the survey is bad. The questions were imprecise. Even the terminology in the questions was not exact and left open to debate.

And please, don’t try to sell me on a survey that any first year intern could tell you is flawed. It’s anonymous, but you have to log in. The questions are about your leadership, but we are not going to define what that means (direct supervisor? Commanding general?). We are going to brief you three times, but not brief you on the complete data. And please do not ask if you can have a copy of the PDF (what happened to powerpoint?), we don’t want you giving the results to the union, but we will brief you on the results three times.

Of course, the biggest problem is the staff’s complete lack of trust in leadership, but we have to trust the leadership when they tell us they are working on fixing it. Of course, they didn’t say if they are going to fix the problems, or just the results of the survey.

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