Today I received a notice in the mail. It wasn’t a bill or another speeding ticket. Actually, I don’t know what it actually was for. What it I received is a notice that the Post Office tried to deliver a certified letter and because I wasn’t around to sign for it, I now have to pick it up in person. This was also their “Final Attempt.”

Final attempt? How the hell can I do anything when I didn’t know about the first attempts? And lets be honest, this was probably their first attempt. This is why the post office will be bankrupt in a fairly short amount of time. They don’t know how to run their business.

And now, because I had no idea that they were trying to deliver a letter that I had to sign for, I now have to go out of my way and actually go to the Post Office. Why? Because the notice said that they were going to send the latter back in a few days.

The best part of all of this? I have no idea what the hell this could possibly be. My pessimistic side of me says that it is bad. I mean… how many good things would be sent through USPS that I would have to sign for. I didn’t order anything. No one I know died, so I didn’t inherit anything.

This can only be bad news…

But it will probably turn out to be nothing.

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