People vs. Pets

Since I live in Maryland, a frequent topic of conversation this week has been the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Rice, and the NFL. As we all know by now, the NFL dropped the ball and gave Rice a 2 game suspension for hitting his fiancé (at the time) and then changed everything once a video of the incident was released. Suddenly the Ravens and the NFL are backtracking and trying their best to save face.

Of course, a lot of Raven’s fans are up in arms. Not all, but a lot. A lot more than there should be. The man knocked his fiancé out cold. That being said, she stayed with him and married him, though I would guess she has her reasons (I would guess there is going to be a divorce in a few years with a large alimony settlement, but that is just a guess). Rice should have been suspended for the season right off the bat, once the investigation was completed. However, all of this being said, I firmly believe the man will be back playing in the NFL. If the NFL welcomed back someone like Mike Vick, they will welcome back Rice.

Why do I say this? Well, in my opinion, the general public views on what Vick did are worse than what Rice did (not to mention Vick did time in prison where Rice will not be). But people get more upset when a “defenseless” animal is harmed. People will rise up against animal abusers. Abusers of fiancés? Not so much., that happens every day

One issue I have is with all this (one of many issues) is that a NJ politician is saying that the case should have been handled differently. The prosecutor, right or wrong, handled this case like any other that was crossing his desk. The politician even said this. And if Rice got off light (which he did), his case should not have been handled any differently than any other domestic abuse case.

Again, I think Rice got off lightly, and not because he is a Ravens player. The man did something morally wrong, and is now facing the consequences… which should have been much more severe.

But what does it say about someone who gets knocked out cold, and still marries the guy…

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