Three Thing Friday

1. Paying Attention – I know studies have been done on this, but it is scary how details can differ from one person to another. What I mean is this, yesterday I blogged about an incident that occurred at the building I work at. Well, when the story was being told, the description of the person involved varied between two coworkers who saw him. One person would say he was bald, and her co-worker would reply “No he wasn’t”. They couldn’t agree on what he was wearing, how tall he was, or any other aspect of how he looked. I’m not even sure they agreed on if he was white or black… ok, I’m exaggerating on that last bit.

But the point is, these two people were not under duress, and they can’t even agree on a description. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if they had to identify someone who was committing a crime and wasn’t already caught. And of course, I am not saying I would be any better. I don’t know how I would react under pressure and on adrenaline. I sometimes have problems remembering why I entered a room.

2. Tuning out – Yesterday, in our PMT, we had someone come in and brief about the Employee Assistance Program, a team of people who are there to “help” the employees. By help, I mean they are there for employees to go and talk to about some if their issues. I tuned her out pretty early in the briefing, but I did pick up on some things that she said. First, this team, while free of charge, cannot actually do anything other than talk and recommend people to go to other people who are professionals, who are not free of charge. Second, if an employee wants the EAP team to act on their behalf, the employee going to them cannot remain anonymous, so if you complain about someone, that person is going to know it was you. Third, this program, while a good idea in theory, is there for supervisors to send you to. Now, why did I tune this person out? Well, besides the fact that she came across as someone I would not want to go to with any issues I have, she also said that if you have a conflict with the supervisor, it is your problem, not the supervisors. Basically, this “Employee Assistance Program” comes across more of a “Support all supervisors regardless of how psychotic they are” program.

So, while I am sure that the idea behind EAP was good, the application is terrible. And honestly, I am not all that surprised.

3. Vice President – This week V.P. Biden came out furiously stating that we will punish ISIS for the deaths of American Citizens. In fact, he speech made him sound even more presidential than President Obama has in the last few weeks. Having said that, I have to admit that up to this week I sort of forgot we even had a Vice President. When Al Gore was our vice president, he was in the spotlight almost as much as President Clinton, and not in bad ways. Gore was actually trying to accomplish things. V.P. Dick Cheney was always hiding in an undisclosed location, except when he was shooting lawyers in the face. Biden, he just seems to not even be there, a lot like Cheney actually.

It was nice to have someone in the Whitehouse sound presidential. Heck, no one in Washington D.C., Congress included, has sounded presidential in a long while.

But really? Biden?

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