Too Stupid

Apparently after I got into work today, but still early in the morning, some jackass was caught trying to take pictures up a woman’s skirt. I have repeatedly complained about how much sexual harassment training all government workers are required to take. I have said that you cannot train stupid. People who know better don’t need to be trained in common sense, and those who are likely to harass a fellow employee are not going to listen when trained. It should be common sense that you do not take pictures up a woman’s skirt. And how is this guy even going to be able to show his face back at work? And the poor woman, I don’t even think I can comprehend what she is going through right now.

Another statement that I heard, but I admit that I heard it third hand, is that these kind of things happen on post all of the time. Again, this proves that you cannot train stupid. It also shows that the Army’s policy of constant training on sexual harassment prevention is not working.

And this may be shallow of me, but I want to beat the crap out of this guy with a metal baseball bat. I do not want to do this because he deserves it, although I think we can all agree that he does. No, I want to do this because this man is going to cause me to have to take even more training. I have to take harassment prevention training about quarterly already; I expect in the near future to have to take it every other month.

And still, nothing else will change. Idiots will still do stupid stuff. My time will still be wasted.

What a dumbass.

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