Three Strikes

There is a Tennessee man currently serving life in prison. He was convicted of breaking a law three times, and under Tennessee law, three convictions earn you a life sentence. Now, this man is obviously a pillar of society. Obviously someone who is convicted three times deserves to serve life in prison. Or does one?

This man was convicted of buying pot on three separate occasions. So while you can kill a man and get paroled in Tennessee, you get caught buying pot three times, and you start to live on the taxpayer’s dollar.

Let us think about this. He wasn’t selling pot to children. He wasn’t stealing from anyone. He was buying pot. I never said he was smart; he was caught buying pot three times. But is this really a crime that someone should get life in prison for? Heck, I am not even sure that buying pot should even be a crime.

In fact, I am pretty sure that locking this man up for his life is unconstitutional, shouldn’t the punishment fit the crime? I’m not saying this guy should have just received a slap on the wrist… ok, I am saying that. But come on, life in prison is a little excessive. If Tennessee would have legalized pot, they could have taxed this man, now taxes are paying to feed him.

So, lets have violent criminals get out on parole, but someone who is just buying some recreational drugs, that is a man who deserves to be in prison for life.

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