Briefing Thursday

Today, being Thursday, we had another one of our weekly meetings. I went into this meeting with a different attitude. I went to the meeting with a more positive attitude. I didn’t immediately complain that it was Pointless Meeting Thursday.

Now, why did I have the sudden change of attitude? Well, none of the staff had to brief today. So, while I could have spent the time getting some of the FY15 work done, the meeting didn’t take the hour it usually does. It actually only took less than half of that.

So, while the briefing probably wasn’t necessary, it was nowhere near as bad as it could have been. We got the standard holiday weekend safety briefing, which wasn’t all that bad considering that no one was prepared to give it. We also went over a few other changes in the office, and that was it.

So, for our standard weekly meeting, it wasn’t all that bad. Sure, I would have preferred to get some PWS documents reviewed. Sure, I would have like to talk to some of my customers. Sure, I would have preferred to use my time to actually get stuff done. But overall, the meeting wasn’t a total waste of time, just a partial waste of time.

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