Today when I arrived early at work, I decided to read some news on CNN.com in order to get my day started. This is something I usually do unless I do not show up my usual fifteen minutes early. Anyway, I saw this article about a beach closing in Massachusetts. Having grown up in Seaside Park, NJ beach are nothing new to me.

One of the surprises about this beach closure is that it was due to a great white shark being spotted yards off the shore. I get it; it’s better to be safe than sorry. Getting the vacationers out of the water and out of harms way was the only prudent action that could be taken, as long as they were closed without causing an even bigger panic. But the local police didn’t stop there. The vacationers were not only pulled out of the water, but they were also pulled off of the beach.

Closing the beach makes no sense to me at all. Last time I checked, sharks don’t hunt on land, except in old SNL skits. It just seemed to be a massive overreaction from people who watch too much shark week on discovery. Again, getting the people out of the water makes sense, but why not allow the people to sit on the beach, read a book, make a sandcastle, or just enjoy themselves.

And if the people are dumb enough to return to the water right after being warned about a fourteen-foot great white shark, they’ll probably still be ok. It’s not like sharks normally hunt humans. But even if someone walked back into the water, and was killed by the shark, then the average IQ of the world would have went up a few points.

But alas, people are always going to overreact. So, leading up to the holiday weekend, Massachusetts closed on of their beaches, all in fear of a shark. And you know that the shark just loved his power.

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