Trust Issues

I had an interesting conversation at work the other day about trust. According to the recent survey we took, trust in leadership is extremely low. And the conversation went to what exactly trust is.

The one argument is that if you do not lie or intentionally mislead, you have done nothing to lose one’s trust. Since we are pretty sure that leadership never lied to us, we should obviously trust our leadership. And while that may be part of it, telling the truth and acting truthfully is only part of the equation. There is much more to trust than just not lying.

If your leadership does not inspire trust, that leadership is not going to be trusted. Seems obvious, but some people do not get that. If I do not think that you are going to do what is the best for the organization, I am not going to trust you. If I do not think that you are going to have my back when the cards are down, why would I trust you? It’s not just truth and lies, there is so much more to trust in leadership than that.

You also need to show trust. Coming back to work to make sure that I am at my desk because I didn’t want to go to the holiday party shows that you do not trust me. So why should I trust you.

While I believe that leadership in our office never lied to us, I do believe that they relay information with their own slant on it. I am also sure that they would not act in the best interest of personnel or in the best interest of out customers. I believe that they would act in their own best interest, and that does not inspire me to trust them.

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