PMT Again

Another Pointless Meeting Thursday has come and gone. It is kind of sad, but I really consider Thursday as the linchpin to my week, not Wednesday like most people. If I can just get through PMT, the rest of the week really is all down hill. Heck, even if I can get to 12:00, the week is down hill. Even on weeks that I have Friday’s off, PMT is the mid-week point. And today, we had an additional meeting on top of the standard PMT.

Today we had a CECOM staff town hall where the higher-ups decided to go over the climate survey the staff took a few months ago. Of course, all that was shown was that there are problems. They displayed CECOM’s rankings and the overall Army’s rankings, but they never explained what the numbers meant. For example, they might show the responses to a question as CECOM – 2.9 Army – 3.2. But they didn’t tell you what those numbers meant. Was the 2.9 out of 5? Was it out of 10? So, even though we do know the results, we do not know what they mean.

Also, even the questions themselves were vague. No one can agree on whom we were rating. Some thought they were rating their direct supervisor. Others thought they were rating CECOM’s command. Personally, I thought I was ranking G3/5 leadership. So even though we know the results, we don’t know exactly who was rated so poorly.

Of course, the solution to the poor climate is to have even more meetings. It’s a good thing that no one has actual work to do. I mean we obviously have all of this free time to attend meetings even though we are losing staff left and right.

I have also heard rumors that the command is going to implement a policy where all organizations must have PMTs, well, at least weekly meetings. The belief is that more meeting means more communication. What no one seems to realize is that more meeting does not necessarily mean more communication. I’ve been going to weekly meetings for over a year now, and maybe 40% of those meetings were useful or informative.

And now it looks like the rest of the command is going to suffer along with me. Maybe this will improve morale, but maybe command should be more concerned with the deeper systemic problem they have. This is CECOM; maybe the only thing they know is communication even if it is poor communication.

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