A Glass of Wine

A few weeks ago I had to take more mandatory training (and this is an excellent use of tax payer money). I had to sit through an hour of Suicide Training (it is possible that there Prevention in that title), which felt more like a motivational speech, and an hour of Substance Abuse training, which made me want to commit suicide. The only positive outcome to these two training sessions is that it got me out of my monthly briefing at Pointless Meeting Tuesday. And I am sure that my coworkers were glad that I didn’t brief, if only because that saved them 45 seconds in their meeting.

Now, the host of the two briefings lost all credibility in his Substance Abuse training when on the second slide he briefed that moderate drinking is 2 drinks for men and 1 drink for women per night. Really? WTF? Not only is that a sexist statement, but it is also very in accurate. I am not saying that more drinks would still be moderate, but you have to take other aspects into consideration. I know certain women who could drink me under the table. And after I regained consciousness, they would drink me under the table again. (You know who you are!) These women can hold their alcohol, and I would not say that if they had two drinks in a night they have a problem. However if I had two drinks in one night, that may not be considered “moderate.”


Other aspects of the person have to be considered, their height, their weight, their tolerance, and even when they last ate. For me, one drink at dinner is what I would consider moderate. And that is only if I am drinking alone.

But you also have to keep in mind why they are drinking. If they are drinking socially with friends, I would say more than one drink would still be acceptable. If someone is drinking a bottle of wine a night, then there might be a problem. If they are drinking one bottle a night every night, then there is definitely a problem.

I am sitting here alone (well, three cats are keeping me company), having a glass of wine, blogging, and considering what I want for dinner. Do I do this every night? No. Do I drink a glass on most nights? Yes. I enjoy the taste, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have purchased the bottle. Well, I might have, I have made poor decisions at wine “tasting” events.

But that is the ultimate point, more than just the sex of the drinker needs to be considered when calling someone’s habit “moderate.” I can polish off a bottle of Jersey White myself when I am drinking with my friends at Heritage, but it is usually over the span of at least 3 hours, usually more. I am drinking with friends. I am drinking for the social aspect. I am not drinking to get drunk.

Well, not usually.

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