Shark Week – Day Two

Well, this may actually be my last post about shark week. It didn’t take long, but that special yesterday, the Megalodon special from last year, and a couple of other shows that have no basis in reality have turned me off from Shark Week. I mean, I know that they have to sell advertising time, but this was already the most watched week throughout the year for Discovery, so they were doing something right. But the last two years they sold themselves out and have no lost all credibility.

After I went diving with Great White Sharks in Guadeloupe in 2012, I started to realize that Shark Week might do more harm than good. And the last two years of sensationalism that Discovery has decided to broadcast has done nothing but reinforce that belief.

I have been watching Shark Week for years; it really was one of my favorite times of the year. I even used to joke about taking off just to make sure I don’t miss anything. But this year my heart is not in it. I am not in the mood to watch the crap that the Discovery channel is airing. Sure, they still have Air Jaws, but their fictional shows that are made to look real just ruin the whole week.

Now, I will recommend the NatGeo channel. National Geographic is running their own shark week, but they call it Sharkfest. And frankly, so far it has more to do with sharks than Discovery’s week. And considering Discovery started Shark Week, it is a shame that their new programmers have started to drive some of us away. It’s become way to commercial.

Now, while I cannot fault Discovery for trying new things, I also know that I get to choose what I want to watch. And they have driven me away. They sacrificed their integrity.

I will watch a few select things that they air, but odds are that I am going to change the channel. And a few years ago I would have considered that sacrilege.

So, if you want to be entertained with factual shows, change the channel to NatGeo wild. Sharkfest is a better option overall.

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