Shark Week – Day One

So, I am writing this, knowing I will be posting it tomorrow. I am sitting here for my yearly ritual of watching shark week. And I thought I would get my thoughts on how the shows I watch are. So, the first special is Air Jaws Fin of Fury.

I love the Air Jaws specials. The fact that these massive sharks can launch themselves out of the water, or breach, is incredible. Yes, I know that larger whales can do that, but these are sharks. And most whales do not breach for hunting purposes.

Also, I have to say, it was good to see Jimi, the man who runs the diving program in Guadeloupe that I use on a special. I actually cheered. Yea, I know, geeky.

Now, as the show went on, there was this individual who created a replica female shark to draw in Colossus (The shark that this whole special is about) from the depths of the ocean. I really expected it to fail utterly, and while it may not have worked as hoped, it did do something. Multiple sharks were drawn to this thing, and I have to admit that it did much more than I expected. And yes, I would have ridden it too.

Of course, it should also be said that I want to dive in a WASP now. The Best way to describe the WASP is a personal sized cage for diving. It looked both crazy and fun. They were using this in order to get better underwater shots of the sharks, and the man inside took a beating.

The second new special is about a 30-foot shark off of South Africa. The problem I have now, which is the same problem I have with Animal Planet, is that these stations should not be creating works of fiction. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being entertained, but is Discovery channel the best place for this? The show so far is about the JoyRide, a whale watching boat that sank and the passengers were attacked by “Submarine,” the 30 foot GW shark. It has also been said that Discovery tricked scientists, actually lied to them, in order to get them to appear on these shows.

How much of an ass will I be if this turns out to actually be true? I cannot believe that a great white shark can actually reach 30 feet, but a small part of me hopes they can. I mean, how much do we know about the ocean? More people have traveled to the moon than have been to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. So, why should I assume that a shark couldn’t grow that big?

I didn’t even make it through the whole show. I had to turn it off. It just got ridiculous. It also made me sad.

I would recommend everyone try and watch the new Air Jaws special, which was fantastic. And as long as you know that none of it is true, you may even enjoy the crap called Wrath of Submarine.

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