Freaked out

On the way home today, an insect of some sort bounced off of my windshield, then off my mirror, and finally off of me. How I did not crash the car, I will never know. As I have frequently said in the past, I am mildly entomophobic (aka insectophobic), and I was freaking out in the car.

I wasn’t freaking out because a bug hit me, I was freaking out because a bug hit me and flew deeper into the MINI. I had no idea where it was! I even heard if fly by my ear. I felt overly anxious. I also had the feeling like the bug landed on me. Actually, I felt like more than one bug landed on me, I felt like multiple insects were in the car and crawling all over me.

Forget being distracted by my cell phone. Bugs surprising a driver in a car have a high rate of causing an accident. Imagine driving down the road and suddenly a spider land on your lap. I know some people wouldn’t react; I would end up in a ditch.

And after all that, I am not even sure the bug left the car. I don’t know what it was. I don’t know where it is. I don’t think I can get back into the MINI.

Or my garage.

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