The Life of my Cats

As I sit here, watching TV and surfing the interwebs, I realize my cats have it made. I can hear Pips snoring away as she sleeps on the lower lever of the cat tree. She can’t possibly make is to any of the higher levels. Loki, the supervillian of the house, is sleeping on the couch and not starting a fight with angel. Angel, the little chicken is missing, but I can presume that she is sleeping under my bed, that’s where she normally is.

These are the same cats that woke me up at 5 am (ok, my internal alarm clock would have probably woken me up at 6 anyway) begging to be fed. It’s not like there was no food in their bowls, they had plenty of food and water. But these cats have a set schedule, and I must stick to their schedule. So, I wake up, feed the cats, and get my day started.

The cats however, take a few bites, and move on with their lives. That’s right, they just wanted fresh food. It’s not like they sit there and have a meal, they snack and then sleep. Lucky little bastards.

So, here I sit with my coffee, my computer, and my sleeping (and snoring) cats. These cats are more annoying than my mother, at least when she woke me up too early in the morning, she stayed up.

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