Three Thing Friday

1. Sharknado 2 – I stayed up on Wednesday to watch the incredible movie on the SyFy channel. Of course I did. This is just one of many bad B movies that should never have been made but that I thoroughly enjoy. It was corny, lame, had bad acting, and was just a fun movie. It set the record for most viewers for any SyFy programming. It was, for a brief moment in time, the holder of all the top ten in tweets (not from me, I don’t tweet).

I would recommend this movie to everyone. As long as you go in thinking this will be the worst movie you ever sat down and watched, you will not be disappointed.

2. Ebola – I cannot believe that in this day of modern medicine that we have to deal with an Ebola outbreak. I cannot believe how little news this is actually getting. I cannot believe that we are flying two infected people into the United States for treatment. I know, they are U.S. citizens, and I do believe that they need and deserve treatment, but lets fly a few qualified doctors, and the proper medical supplies, and treat them over in Africa.

I am sure that the proper steps are being taken to prevent these two unfortunate people from becoming the latest Typhoid Mary, but mistakes happen. And one small slip up, and we will have a massive outbreak in this country. And I am not sure that this country could handle an outbreak. By the time CNN and Fox stopped pointing fingers, and by the time congress realized that there actually was a problem, most of this country would probably be infected.

3. Man Cave – My house, a three-story townhouse, is a total man cave, possibly even a geek cave. My three shedding roommates and I did all of the decorating. I have a room that is completely turned over to books, Godzilla and Doctor Who. Another room has a signed movie poster and my DVD collections. Even the bedroom has a sword collection hanging on the wall… for self-defense purposes only.

But the craziest thing about this man cave is the tons of plastic Warhammer models. They are in every single room of this house, possibly even the bathrooms (I cannot confirm this). Heck, even my living room has my hobby table. And right now it is covered in small projects I am working on.

This is why I cannot have people over… they may see the real me. That… and the cat hair.

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