Getting Sued

So the house just approved a resolution allowing Speaker Boehner to sue President Obama. Think about that for a second, don’t ponder the fact that the Speaker is suing the president, and think about the fact that the only thing to come out of congress is a resolution from the republican controlled House allowing a republican to sue the president.

Congress will be taking their summer vacation soon, and I am still trying to figure out what they are taking a vacation from? The extra hot summer we are having? Are they taking a vacation from all of the work they didn’t accomplish? Are they taking a break from listening to the people lining their pockets with money?

I honestly believe that nothing will come from this. Wait, I should correct myself, there is one thing that will come from this. The American people will become further divided. The extreme right will think they are right. The extreme left will continue to think that they are in the right. And the average Americans will lose even more faith in the democratic system.

When it works, we have the greatest system in the free world. When it doesn’t work, we end up with a frustrated population.

I’ve been pretty frustrated for 14 years now.

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