May Actually Happen

Well, I can’t say that it has happened yet, but with the beatings (actual beating, not figurative) one of the other offices have been taking recently, I may finally have enough motivation to work on my resume.

Thanks to the amazing leadership and management where I work, staff members have been leaving like rats fleeing a sinking ship. One team has lost three people already, another two are leaving, another two are interviewing, and the remaining three are left to pick up the slack of all of those. This, of course, has caused the others to start looking for jobs as well. What scares me in all of this is that I may be moved to that team to “help.” The problem is that if I were sent over to that team, my full time job would become looking for another job. I would accept a promotion, a lateral, or possibly even a demotion just to make sure that I do not have to work closely with our current management.

But who knows, maybe this complete incompetence will turn out to be a good thing. Maybe I will gain the motivation to start applying.

I know that all this complaining doesn’t actually get that done, but I still want to like my job like I used too.

Well, I guess I will be polishing up my resume, applying for jobs, and actually looking for something that would make me happy. Of course, right now being abducted by aliens and having them probe me in their ship would be much more fun than walking into my office tomorrow.

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