Godzilla 2

It’s official; there will be a sequel to this year’s movie hit. Of course, I am a HUGE fan of the big guy. After the 1998 film, which was a great radioactive lizard movie but a terrible Godzilla film, I had low expectations for the new film. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well it was done. In fact, I’m itching to buy it on Blu-ray, and I may even have to build up my sound system in order to get the full experience of Godzilla.

Now that I have gone through that, I am already looking forward to the sequel, and the producers haven’t even set a date. They need to wait for the director to finish his current project, some Star Wars thing. But Legendary, the production company, did release the new monsters. Obviously, there will be the big G, but there will also be Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah. I have a fear that adding three more monsters just may be too much. These three are Godzilla’s most famous opponents, they deserve to be in a film, and they deserve to be well represented. I hope that Legendary does not screw them up.

Rodan, which is basically a pterodactyl, is one of my favorite monsters, at least when it had it’s own movie. Mothra, another one who had it’s own movie, I think could be brought to film easily. Ghidorah, the three headed monster. This is the one that concerns me the most. In the films, it is usually gold, flying, and kicking the crap out of Godzilla. This is the one that they could screw up the most.

After Legendary released Pacific Rim (see it if you haven’t) and the recent Godzilla (see it twice if you haven’t), Legendary proved that a monster movie could still be made. Now they have to prove that they can make a movie with multiple Japanese monsters.

Legendary also announced another King Kong movie, so maybe I will be able to see another Godzilla vs. King Kong. Or would that be Godzilla v King Kong… or Godzilla v Batman…

Yes, I may have just had a nerdgasm.

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