Favorite Time of the Year

My favorite time of the year is creeping closer and closer. More and more items about this time are appearing in stores and on TV. I am really gearing up for it, getting all excited. Shark Week is almost upon us! And yes, while typing this I had the Jaws theme stuck in my head.

I will say that this year’s commercials have been a bit of a disappointment. Last years commercials, the ones with the seal being eaten by a shark while being released back into the wild, were hysterical.  Sure, they may have caused some controversy, but they were funny. This year’s commercial, the only one I have seen thus far, was just boring. Discovery usually puts more effort into the advertising for Shark Week.

So, even though it is weeks away, I am already itching to watch all of the new shark specials. And yes, it is no where near as good as actually diving with sharks, but I’ll take a hit (it is like a drug to me) where and when I can get it.

I also still think what I said years ago still holds true. Shark Week may do more harm than good. The shows that are run during Shark Week usually only show the “bad” behavior that can be caught on tape. And it’s not even like it is bad behavior, it is their natural behavior. And sometimes, it’s not even that. When you chum the waters to attract sharks, you are going to change their behavior.

And from experience, I can tell you that Discovery must film all year to get one weeks worth of footage. When I went in the water with great whites, they were much calmer than expected. I had to learn that Jaws and Discovery might not actually be documentaries.

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