Three Thing Friday

1. Scented Cat Litter – A week ago I accidentally bought the wrong cat litter. I usually buy unscented from a brand that I know, but for some reason I thought I would try something knew. I thought I grabbed unscented, but apparently I can’t read. The new litter looks like gravel and smells terrible. In fact, I think it smells worse than what it is supposed to be covering up.

And I am not going to get into how its scented litter is actually unhealthy for the cats. Oops, I guess I just did. I’m not blaming the company, someone must want this type of litter or they wouldn’t supply it (Hey, I used my economics degree!). I blame myself. Next time, I am going back to what I normally buy. Always go with what is known, with what is safe.

2. Blogging – I will never say that I thought blogging was easy, but I never thought it was this hard. Coming up with a topic every day, writing about it, trying to write it in a correct and coherent way, it all takes much more thought and energy than I thought. And there was a time when I was running two blogs at the same time. Being responsible for this blog, as well as a gaming blog burnt me out pretty quickly. Since then, another blog that I am a writer for started. Because of that, the first gaming blog fell to the side; in fact, I cannot even tell you when I last posted to that blog.

With the new gaming blog, I am not the lead blogger, and that took a lot of pressure off of me. Sadly, it seems that only one person was still doing most of the posting to that site. I think I just needed a break, and I don’t want him to get burnt out like I was. I have finally found my focus and have been writing much better blogs for that site to give him a break every now and then.

So my personal blog is now the only one I am solely responsible for. That makes blogging a little easier, but topics are still hard to come by at times. So, to my fellow bloggers, I appreciate what you do now more than ever before.

3. Air Disasters – The last week has been pretty rough for flyers and airlines. There have been three major crashes in the last seven days. Of course we have the one that was shot down in the Ukraine. I honestly do not believe that the Soviets had anything to do with it directly, but I do believe that they supplied the weapons to those who were directly involved. I also do not know if the “rebels” knew what they were shooting at. It may have been a mistake. And one has to ask, what was a civilian aircraft doing over a war zone?

The second crash took place in Taiwan. This one only took 48 lives, and it is really sad that I can say “only” 48 lives. There were ten survivors, but when hundreds died on other recent plane crashes, 48 isn’t that bad.

The most recent crash took place in Mali. This one sadly had no survivors. I still believe that flying is the safest means of travel, but all of these crashes are making me a little nervous about my flight to San Diego in October. Maybe I’ll just watch some TV to get my mind off of it. Oh look! Air Disasters is on the Smithsonian Channel.

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