Funny and Sad

I was sitting here, pondering what to write for today’s blog, when a commercial smacked me over the head. It’s funny how that happens sometimes. Sometimes, the timing is just perfect.

A commercial for the National Aquarium came up during a rerun for the Big Bang Theory (great show). The short version is that this father brought his son to the aquarium, and the kid was talking about how realistic it looked. He was asking about the controllers and who was winning the game. It was actually pretty funny, although I will probably not say that after watching this commercial a few more times. But I did laugh at the kids asking where the controllers were.

However, after I thought about the commercial, and how funny it was, I also realized how sad it is. There are probably some kids out there who wouldn’t know that an aquarium is not digital. There are kids out there today who probably wouldn’t realize that there are no controllers. There are kids out there who probably don’t realize that everything is not a game.

And the real sadness about all of this is that the kids who would think that the aquarium was digital are the one’s who have parents that would not take them to the Aquarium. The kids who would know better are the kids who have parents forcing them to step away from the TV and the Games. The kids who would know better are the one’s who have parents that force them to step outside once in a while. The parents who forced their kids to experience real life are the ones who would take their kids to the National Aquarium.

And now back to your regularly scheduled program on your HD TV. Hey, it looks like real life!

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