Yesterday I received an email (and a phone call that I didn’t answer) from Baltimore Gas and Electric, my supplier of gas and electricity. They were emailing me about reducing my electricity usage during peak hours during the first really hot day of the year. They promised that if I reduced my usage enough, they would send me a rebate on my next bill. I don’t believe it, but I think I could reduce my electric usage and hope. You never know, I may get a reward.

The peak hours are 1 PM to 7PM, and they even had some recommendations. They said to hold off on doing laundry. Ok, that is easily done; I can do it after 7. They said to raise the temperature on my thermostat. Again, I can easily do this. When I left today, I set it at 80, which is a few degrees above where I usually leave it when I am out of the house. I am concerned about the cats, but I have plenty of water for them. I even placed a few ice cubes in their water so that it would be cold, at least for a little while. I also realized that I could cook without the microwave, leave the TV off, and make sure all of my lights were off. These are all things I can easily to reduce my electric usage.

Now comes the down side. I hate heat. So I am sitting here on my computer (I really couldn’t turn that off) without a shirt on, in my shorts. My cats are lying around expending as little energy as possible, which isn’t hard since they are cats. That’s what they usually do.

All of this better be worth it, or I am never doing it again.

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