Another Day of Class

Yesterday I complained about the fact that I am being forced to take a class for work, and the lessons are not even helpful for my job. The worst part of it is that they are teaching me things I already know. I already took classes telling me about communication and conflict management. I already took classes on how to work with other people, and how to motivate them. Taxpayer dollars at work, paying me to learn things I already know.

Today though, something else happened. Today, one of my classmates just ticked me off. Ok, I don’t want to be there, but I am not actively being rude. I am not actively ignoring the teachers and reading a book while they are talking. Actually, I am a little surprised that I am not that guy.

Buy I figure there are a few things that are positive about this class. First, I am out of the office. I am away from the low morale. I am away from the job. Second, the class is actually fun. It isn’t a terrible class to be stuck in. Third, I am being paid to be there, and I am there, so I should try to get the most I can from the class.

The problem is that this one individual is just taking away from the class. The negativity and hostility wears on you.

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