Brain Drain

Forty-five years (and three days) ago the United States of America launched a very small capsule on a three-day flight to land on the moon. These three men lived in a small cramped capsule, landed on non-terrestrial object, and then returned home safely. We, the people of the United States had the drive and the knowledge to accomplish this, and today we have to hitchhike a ride into space.

We accomplished this in the 1960’s, and today our students do not even rank in the top ten in math and science. Our students rank just a hair above Jordanian students. Japan and China both rank above us in education, and both send their students to calls more than our average 178 days per year. And then there is the H1B visa.

I am sure that most of my friends do not know what that is. The H1B visa is nicknames the “Genius Visa.” Our education system is in such a sad state that we have to import PhDs to fulfill position in Universities. We are not the only country in this sad state. Germany, also trying to open up VISAs for educators, but some politicians in Germany blocked the opening of VISAs thinking that immigrants would be taking jobs away from Germans. Except that is not what happened, there were no Germans that could fill those positions. And that would be the same situation here if the H1B VISAs were discontinued.

And how sad is that?  We couldn’t even fill the positions at our own universities if we didn’t import PhDs. And once the home nations of the geniuses catch up to us in terms of lifestyles, there would be no reasons for the professors to stay here. And if you want to look at what our future is going to be, just look at who are taking the physics courses. More than half of PhD students are now foreign born.

If we ever want to regain our position as the leader in the sciences, maybe we should spend more time on educating out children.

Maybe we could start with teaching our kids that “R U OK” is not a complete sentence.

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