Three Thing Friday

1. Trust – When you have someone with 30 years of experience in the government, and over eight years of experience with one contract in particular, you would think that one would trust his or her opinion. Too bad that this does not hold true in the government.  Top to bottom, no one seems to want to listen to the experts. And believe me, I am not saying that it is I that people are not listening to (although that is true as well), it’s other people that have been ignored.

And thanks to this, our contract is in serious trouble. So much so that the contractors may not be able to continue their work on 1 October. You have employees for a reason. You have experts for a reason. Use them properly, and everything may be able to work somewhat well. Well, it might workout well enough for government work.

2. Climate Change – I am a firm believe that climate change is a fact. I believe the scientists and their facts. Yes, it has become known as “Global Warming,” and the end game may be a warmer globe, but the main point is that the Earth’s climate is changing, and we are directly responsible.

However, the weather at the end of this July has just been bloody pleasant. If the climate would change to this, and stay like this, I would not mind at all. Nine of the last 10 years set record highs, but this year just hasn’t that bad at all.

So yes, I still believe we need to get a handle on the pollution that is causing climate change. Yes, I think we as a nation, and as a species, need to become more green.

Now, I am going to go open some windows and enjoy the changing climate before it drowns me.

And now that I wrote this, next week will probably top 110 degrees.

3. Story Time – A few years ago, I would read about a book a week on average. I wouldn’t read anything spectacular, and not that many books that would teach me anything. Sure, I would read some biographies, and mostly presidential biographies. Mostly I read science fiction and science fantasy. Recently, however, I haven’t been able to get more than a book a month, if I was lucky. I should just join some book of the month club. I need to start setting myself some new goals. I need to take out my books and start reading again. The pile of unread books grows. I need to knock it down. I need to concentrate.

I need to read. I didn’t get go to elementary school to not use my ability to read.

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