Today’s Lesson

Today I found myself sitting in a training session for two hours. I was being trained for what may end up being a new responsibility in my job. Nothing exciting, just how to process a security form for any project using our contract, but mostly for the Army projects I am currently managing.

If this sounds as dull as watching paint dry, you would be more than correct. There is nothing exciting at all about those forms, and the people hosting the class didn’t help. They were quiet, dull, and thoroughly unprepared for the class. It dragged on for two hours, and I learned something about myself.

I cannot and should not be left in a room with a map. Even when being taught something important (like official forms), a giant map is a giant distraction. If you look at the notes I took during the class, at the bottom of the paper is a list of cities and counties; a list of places I suddenly want to visit or that I found curious for some reason.

East London, South Africa, a place that probably is close to seal island and the potential to see flying sharks. Walvis Bay, Namibia, a place that just looked like a good place to visit, and a name that made me laugh. Cough Island in the Atlantic, a sign that I need new glasses since it is spelled Gough Island. Midway Island, I’d go there just for the history with the place.

I was thinking about places to dive, places I just want to see, places I wish I had the money to go to. Even an uninhabited island where I could be left alone would be a nice place to go.

So, I have no idea how I learned anything in that class, I was way too distracted. Maybe I didn’t actually learn anything.

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