Earlier and Earlier

As we all know, the Christmas shopping season starts earlier and earlier each year, and this year is not any different. My mother sent me a text that had some pictures of this year’s Christmas ornaments. The Star Trek, Star Wars, and Godzilla Christmas ornaments are already out. And this year there is a new ornament, there is an ornament representing a barreled Bruce from the movie Jaws. These Christmas ornaments are a Christmas tradition in my family; I have been getting these ornaments for many a year now. So, thanks to my mother, I already have seen some of my future X-mas gifts, and I am all excited. Really excited. I cannot accurately portray how excited I am.

But the fact that these ornaments are already on the shelves just show how far the companies have taken the Christmas season. It’s still the hot month of July; we have over four months till the Thanksgiving Day parade, the original start of the Christmas season. We still have Halloween, Labor Day, and the great holiday of Columbus Day to get through.

But, before I criticize corporate America too much, if there is a supply for this, there must be a demand. There must be people who want Christmas year-round.

Well, merry Christmas all, it’s nice to know that I will be sick of the Holidays before Columbus Day hits.

Yes, corporate America is all about profits, but we as citizens feed those profits.

And I am getting a Great White Shark Christmas ornament!

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