Three Thing Friday

1. Gun Rights Defended – I am not actually for or against the right to bear arms. What I mean is that while I believe the it is each American’s right to bear arms, I also think that it is not too much to ask for background checks. That being said, the other day I was told a story that was supposed to support the right to arms, as well as reasons to not limit ammunition clips.

The story goes that during a home invasion a woman empties her clip, and the invader was able to run away. So, the argument goes that the fact that she ran out of bullets shows that limiting the size of the clips is dangerous. I actually think it makes the alternate point. This woman emptied a clip in the direction of the invader, and she didn’t hit him. A friend said that if you need more than two shots to drop a person, you are doing something wrong. I would say that it might take three shots, depending on the stress of the situation. But my point still stands, if you need more than three shots to drop a guy, you should go back and take some lessons on how to handle a gun.

2. M*A*S*H – I have been watching the classic TV show M*A*S*H for the last couple of weeks, and I was just thinking about how much darker it would be if it was produced today by HBO. There would definitely be fewer happy endings. For example, I just finished an episode where the doctors pinch off the blood flow from this one soldier’s heart. It was a good episode, with a clock in the corner, showing how long the doctors had to restore blood flow before the soldier died or was paralyzed from the lack of blood flow. Of course, the doctors were successful and there was a happy ending.

If that episode aired on HBO, I highly doubt that there would have been that happy ending. At best, they may have ended the episode leaving that audience hanging, but more likely, the soldier would have ended up paralyzed.

I know I would watch that show if it aired on HBO. A more realistic, less funny M*A*S*H would probably make for a good show, not that I am complaining about the classic. Hell, the classic show lasted longer than the war that it is based off of.

3. 50% – By definition, half of America is actually dumber than the average American. And a few recent items that I have read more than proves that fact.

First, the great state of California had to issue a warning to paddle boarders to stop harassing Great White Sharks. I will admit, that I am completely fascinated by these amazing beasts, and I will be diving with them this coming October. However, I do it from the safety of a cage (although I do want to give one a hug). The paddle boarders are just stressing these animals, and when the shark strikes back, the news is going to eat up the fact that there was another shark attack.

There was also a post on Facebook that continues to prove my point. Someone jokingly posting a picture of Steven Spielberg sitting in front of a triceratops from the set of Jurassic Park. He added a statement about how it is embarrassing that these beautiful creatures are hunted. And someone took it seriously. Actually, quite a few people took it seriously. There is something seriously wrong with some people.

I don’t want to life on this planet anymore.

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