Running Low

I have said time and again, if you like a wine, buy it. Do not listen to what the “professionals” recommend, listen to what your taste buds recommend. If you truly like wine, go with what you like, the price shouldn’t matter. Today, for example, I passed up one of my favorite wines, Jersey White from Heritage for some Mahogany from a small vineyard in Pennsylvania.

Jersey White is one of many wines I like from Heritage. It is a cool crisp white that is perfect for drinking on a hot summers day. It has a slight peach taste, and costs about ten dollars a bottle. I usually end up buying this wine by the case for the discount and knowing that it won’t go to waste. I usually use Jersey White as a gift to friends or as an example to friends as to what a good cheap white wine might taste like. Of course, there are many more wines at Heritage I can recommend. The Syrah, the Jersey Red, the Chardonnay, the Chambourcin and their Merlot are all wines I would highly recommend. But it is usually the Jersey white and the Chambourcin that I usually end up drinking.

Having dropped praise on Heritage, they are actually not my favorite winery, but they are in the top two. VaLa is my absolute favorite winery. They have a couple of white wines, on occasion, but they specialize in red wines. Silk, Mahogany, Cedar, and La Prima Donna (one of white wines) are just a few of the wines I like from VaLa. In fact, on my first visit, my friend and I challenged the wine wench to find us a wine that we didn’t like. She failed. The down side to this vineyard is that their wines are expensive. Their cheapest wine is about the same price as one of Heritage’s most expensive. And I know that some of my friends disagree with me on the wine. They don’t like the wine for it’s cost. I should clarify; they do not think the taste of the wine is worth the cost.

But that is my point. Go with what you like and what your taste buds tell you to drink. A few friends of mine enjoy Heritage more, a few enjoy VaLa more, and that is their choice.

My other point is that I went through my wine fridge today and found that while I have plenty of Jersey White here, I am starting to run low on my VaLa wines. I am down two four bottles. I sense a trip to VaLa very soon. I cannot let myself run out.

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