Three Thing Friday

1. 4th of July – It is nice to have today off, and today’s plans are just to game with some friends, eat some food, and laugh at the cats as they hide from the loud bangs of the fireworks that my neighbors set off.

I remember when I was younger; I would be able to watch the Seaside Heights fireworks from my bedroom window. Each and every year, every Wednesday night I believe, I would be able to watch fireworks. Maybe that is why fireworks don’t excite me anymore; to me they are no big deal.  A few oohs and aahs and then it is time to move on.

I also never really got into the whole BBQ scene. I really do enjoy hanging out with my friends and eating good food, but it wasn’t something I would host. Let someone else do the cooking and cleaning, I am going to enjoy my 4th. Plus, being a vegetarian, I don’t really get to enjoy burgers and hotdogs, and I know, that’s my choice.

2. Infested – This past week, every morning when I walked into work, I have to avoid a ton of insects. I have no idea where they are coming from, but the Army’s plan is to put sticky bug-trap boxes and hope for the best. It’s actually pretty disgusting to see these sticky trap full of bug bodies, and still see bugs crawling all over the place.

I would be all for hiring a squad of bearded dragons to take care of these bugs. Bearded dragons, snakes, and even a co-workers turtle would be sufficient. Too bad iguanas are vegetarians, or I would get myself another one of those.

I have a mild case of Entomophobia, or as I prefer to call if, insectophobia. In fact, anything with more then 4 legs (excluding Octopi, Squid, and most other sea creatures) weirds me out. Because of this, I almost had a panic attack at work because of these bugs. And while I may be exaggerating a little bit, they were freaking everywhere! I would even be all for burning the place down, at least that would solve my problem.

3.  Arthur – Apparently a lot of people are amazed that a hurricane formed in the Atlantic during hurricane season. I admit, I was surprised at where it formed (off he coast of Florida), but not that one formed. I mean, it is in the name, Hurricane Season. It is almost as bad as people who live in “Tornado Alley” being surprised when a tornado strikes their area. Or people who live in the Bible belt, which happens to coincide with the exact location of tornado alley.

So, hurricane Arthur is slowly moving up the east coast, bringing rain, wind, and some wicked currents. And the next hurricane will be named Bertha.

You know that’s going to be a big hurricane.

So to everyone, enjoy your 4th.

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