Crossing the Border

While the World Cup has been getting the top news stories the last few weeks, a major news story has been only getting minor coverage. Over the last few weeks, our southern border has been overrun with immigrants from Central America. It has actually become a national emergency (maybe even an international emergency), but it didn’t even make breaking news. No matter which side of the political line you are on, this situation should be a concern. The problem I have is that I don’t know exactly how I feel about these immigrants.

I understand that the infrastructure in the southern states cannot handle the influx of people. These people are going to flood the hospitals, the schools, and the food banks.  And I understand, these people should have entered the country legally. We have procedures for letting people move into this country. Immigrants from Central America are processed, and released with the expectation that they will return to immigration, which of course they never do. These individuals from Central America become members of the undocumented millions already in this country. If they were Mexicans, we would deport them immediately.

However, what I don’t understand, and what most people in this country probably do not understand, is what these people go through just to get to this country. Large portions of these immigrants are underage children with no parental supervision. Not being a parent, I cannot understand what it would take to send my child away hoping that they will survive, hoping that they will get a better life. I cannot even imagine sending my cats to a different state, and these parents are sending their children away. These parents feel that their children have a better chance of survival if they are sent away, which should show you how bad it is in central America. And the problems in Central America are probably partially the fault of the “successful” war on drugs that we are determined to wage.

Again, I realize that these people should enter the country legally, but what ever happened to that saying, “Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Maybe we should climb the Statue of Liberty and scratch it off. And would the bible thumping die-hard republicans please stop using Jesus as a crutch when you won’t even do the Christian thing and help the poor?

I also ask that the news companies get their priorities straight and report actual news. Though, that may be asking too much, since the news is going to report what gets the viewers, and apparently, we want World Cup news, even if it is a loss by the states.

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