Big Mac

I realize that very few people will get the reference in the title of this blog, but it is the title of an episode of M*A*S*H. In the episode, General MacArthur honors the 4077th by paying them a visit. The episode consists of the entire camp preparing for Big Mac’s visit, cleaning the camp, painting the rocks, and ending with Klinger dressed as the Statue of Liberty (not planned by the colonel).

Now, why would I blog about this? Well, in a few days the office will have the new Commanding General of CECOM paying us a visit. Now, the new CG will be paying everyone directorate a visit, so it’s not all that much of a special occasion, but it is a big deal. This will probably be the only time that the General walks through the office, and excluding random town halls, it will probably be the only time I see the general. But the office is all a flutter. People are cleaning their desks, tables, and everything else that they can get their hands on. Maybe, just maybe the office will hire someone to kill all of the bugs that have infested out locale.

Apparently the new General is very big on clean desks. (I wonder how he would react to the bugs). And since I work for the Army, I am sure that clean desks are actually a top priority. It probably shouldn’t be, but I can see commanders being worried about how clean a workers desk is. And my desk is not all that clean. It is cleaner than it has been in a long while, but it is still pretty messy. It is covered in paperwork that I am currently working on. And no, I don’t plan on spending any extra time cleaning it. I am going to continue to work as I always do. I am going to do my job to the best of my ability, and if the General does not like my somewhat messy desk, he won’t have to look at it again. Like I said, based on past experience, he will not pay another visit to my office.

I also think it would be very entertaining to show up to work on visit day, or V-day, in a Statue of Liberty costume. And as most of my friends know, I would wear it as well, I am that crazy. The problem is, very few people would get the joke. I know one or two who might, to include the director. However, I also know that unlike most of my friends, he wouldn’t laugh. The director would be pissed! Which almost makes it worthwhile.

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