Not so Amusing

At some point today, a threatening note was found or reported that said a bomb would go off in the England section of Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia. What have we come to that people would threaten an amusement park? Granted, even I have to admit that an amusement park would be a great target for a terrorist bombing. A large group of innocent civilians gathered together in one place that is easily accessible.

Now, no bomb was found today, which means that there is a distinct possibility that the threat was just a prank.

When the threat was reported, people were not allowed to enter or leave the park. And really, there could be worse places to be locked into. Roller coasters, junk food, and rides all over the place. I would almost consider it a good thing to be locked in the park. I mean, who could really complain? O.K., some people may have had to miss important plans, but at least today was a great day when if comes to the weather.

It is a shame that someone would place this false threat, and they may have done it just to get more time in the park. Or maybe they made the threat to get out of the park, not knowing they would be held in it. Or maybe it was a couple of teenagers thinking they were being funny. My guess would be the last one, it was probably a not very amusing prank.

Either way, it is a sad state of affairs when amusement parks are no longer safe for family entertainment. It’s the prices that are supposed to be killing us, not bombs.

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