Early yesterday morning, I had to rearrange some of my warhammer models that were sitting in the garage. In order to get to the ones I needed, I had to move one tray of 38 plastic bugs, and I placed them on top of my car. Once I got what I needed, I went back into my house. About an hour later I left to go out to BJ’s and PetSmart to get some much needed shopping done. As you probably noticed, which I didn’t until I got back home an hour later, I never removed tray. When I finally got back home, there were 38 models all over the road, and the foam tray that they were in.

I cannot tell you how many cars ran over the models, but I can guarantee that at least one MINI Cooper ran them over. It does make me chuckle a little thinking about a plastic bug stuck in the Cooper’s tires. At least I can say that the now flattened models were not my completely finished models.

And this incident concerns me. My memory was never the greatest. I used to even joke that I have the memory of a goldfish. Once I get to one side of the tank, I forgot why I swam there. I know everyone has experienced the moment when you walk into a room and forgot why you walked there. And looking at some of my family history, I know I should be concerned. My father has forgotten some very important things. And do NOT ask my mom how long it took me to remember what her birthday is.

I know these memory issues are not due to the alcoholic beverages I consume, because I had these issues long before I was legally drinking, even before I was illegally drinking. Well, at least I don’t think they are. I will admit that some memories were lost thanks to some heavy nights of drinking with friends.

So, yesterday’s memory lapse cost me $100. And, it may just be that I forgot that I placed the tray on top of the car. It may mean nothing. But, with the family history I have, this is something I have to keep an eye on.

In fact, my memory is so bad, I may have even blogged this before. But I can’t remember.

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