Three Thing Friday

1. World Cup – So, the American team managed to advance with a loss. And you know what? I could not possibly care any less. The fact that the U.S. managed to advance should not be headline news. Four major court decisions were handed down by the Supreme Court, one that has a direct impact on the right to one’s right to privacy. There is a major Ebola outbreak in Africa, one that is so bad that even the World Health Organization has stepped up and taken notice. The IRS is being investigated over their excessive use of power. And what is the breaking news? A sports team made it to the next round, with a loss!

Now, granted I don’t agree with that crazy Ann Coulter when she said that American’s interest in the world cup is the sign of our morale decay (even if she was joking, which I doubt, she just said it to get more attention). The World Cup shouldn’t be breaking news on anything other than sports channels.

2. Rough Week – It was a rough week for my family. As I have stated before, they are currently living in my rental property in Beachwood until their Seaside Park house is re built. Well, apparently my mailbox decided to jump out in front of my mom and she hit it with the car. Next, a local skunk decided to use the A.C. unit in my parent’s bedroom for target practice. I can’t imagine the smell that leaked through the vents. And then, to top it all off, one of the neighbors backed into my mom’s car. The only good news that they got was that their house in seaside is finally being framed.

With the house finally being framed, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. These houseguests may finally be able to go home, and my house can finally go back onto the market.

3.  Taking the time to enjoy life – There is a gentleman I work with, who would be surprised that anyone would call him a gentleman. But this individual drives into work every day, like the rest of us daily grinders, but when this person sees a helpless turtle trying to cross the road, he will take the time to pull over and escort the hard-shelled friend to its expected goal. How many of us would stop to save a turtle? So far this year he is has saved five turtles. And knowing him, even if he was running late, speeding to work, he would take the time to save a turtle.

I have to say, I respect that. Someone who can take that time to help a defenseless and slow creature deserves respect. He won’t swerve for a squirrel; those damn things are fast enough to get out of the way of an oncoming vehicle themselves. A turtle, however, just doesn’t have the legs for it.

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