It’s the Bees Knees

President Obama has decided to use some of his powers to try and find out where are the bees are going. The sad part is that I know people who don’t care about the bees. Hell, I hate bees, but I understand how important they are to this country. There are people who don’t care that the great pollinators are disappearing. These people don’t think that the government should spend money on discovering the reasons behind these disappearances.

A lot of people do not realize is how important bees are to the economy and to the food chain. Honeybees (and certain moths) pollinate nearly all of the nuts, fruits, and vegetables that are grown in this country. In fact, honeybees alone pollinate an estimated 90% of the crops in this country.

The declining population has been an issue for years. Maybe it’s about time this country stepped up and tried to do something about it. Hell, the disappearing bees even were mentioned in a season of Doctor Who. Granted, The Doctor just said that they were going home. That would be interesting if it were true, but the truth is that they are dying. And I am sure that humans are at least part of the problem with our excessive overuse of pesticides.

Yes, maybe the government will waste some tax money trying to figure this out, but I don’t expect the farmers to be able to pay for it. And once crops stop being pollinated, they stop growing. And once they stop growing, food supplies will dwindle and food prices will rise. It won’t take long before the separation between the rich and the poor will be even greater, and the starvation rate in this country climbs even higher.

Sure, the government solution may not be the right solution, but at least the government is trying. So I support Obama and his appointing a committee to look into disappearing bees.

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