Getting the Job Done

A fellow blogger just wrote about how he feels that the god ordered “day of rest” feels like an unproductive waste of time. I admire him for the fact that he can get stuff done on Sundays. Actually, with how productive I am during the weekends, I am amazed that he actually accomplishes anything.

I spend my weekends hanging out with friends playing with little plastic men trying to beat them and their little plastic men. I need to time to bring myself up from the workweek.  Sure, I get the bare necessities done. I do the dishes, the laundry, go food shopping, and if absolutely necessary, I will vacuum the house. But rather than spend my time off doing a lot of yard work and housework, I would rather be at the game store relaxing.

So, to you my fellow blogger, I admire the fact that you can get things done. I’ll make up for your lack of slacking by taking two days to slack off. A few episodes of M*A*S*H, hopefully one game of Warhammer, and maybe a quick vacuuming job.

One thought on “Getting the Job Done

  1. Being a touch OCD helps, but I genuinely do enjoy beating nature and chaos into a neatly ordered submission. It helps that I get started around 6:30 and have most of the list finished by noon… then it’s binge watching and/or reading for the rest of Sunday.

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